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Create and discover AI plugins

Toolkit is an easy way to generate and use AI plugins. Generate code for 🦜 🔗 LangChain plugins by just describing what they should do.

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Example plugins

  • Get Pubmed articles on topic

    Use the Pubmed API to get a list of scholarly articles on a given topic

  • Download YouTube video

    Download a YouTube video from a URL to a given file on your filesystem (relative to the current path), logging progress, and return the file's path

  • Latest stock information using Alpha Vantage API

    Use the Alpha Vantage API to return the latest stock information based on the provided ticker

  • Suggest code improvements

    Suggest code improvements for one or more code files that are passed in

  • Get contents of file on filesystem

    Retrieves the contents of a given file on the filesystem

  • List files in a directory

    Returns the path of the current directory, and a tree structure of the descendant files